By Leaf Creations | June 29,2021

Let’s go over some of the most important tips for making your presentation more presentable and appealing, which will help you increase your conversion and overall business growth rate.

1. Make your PowerPoint presentation look eye catchy:

When the businesses started shutting down during the pandemic, almost everyone started to operate their work from home. Whether it is screen sharing or giving a presentation, everything turned online.

From online coaching to business presentations, everything became virtual. Unlike giving presentations practically, these virtual presentations became a part of our daily routine. But for being the best fit for our audience these must be effectively presentable. So, to make our presentations look attractive, we should keep the following tips in our minds:

  • Practice and design well informative content.
  • Make the texts short, which will look more eye-catchy than long texts, making the audience lose interest in it.

2. Know about your digital tools:

It is very important to utilise our digital tools. We must have an extra copy of our presentation to avoid any technical error or any network issue in between, which might make a very bad impression on our audience while the virtual show-case. We must know how to make it work! Just be confident, while giving a presentation and keep the nerve up and together to make the best use of the available digital tools.

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3. Engage your audience:

One of the most important things to increase our conversion analysis and our growth rate is, by engaging our audience in the virtual presentations.

Let us understand with some tips and examples:

  1. Firstly, we have to look straight into the camera, so that our audience always feel that we are paying attention to them.
  2. We can involve them in our presentation by asking some questions, polling, surveying, etc. This interactiveness will engage them more in the presentation.
  3. Focus on getting audiences’ attention by influential narrating techniques. Adding some fun to it will always help to let our audience focus on us and our information.

4. Be clear about your Discussions :

Always know what the topic is all about. With lesser knowledge, one will lose all the efforts in no time, ultimately leading to a loss of interest from their audience, finally resulting in the loss to the business. Always remember, deliver the message in the right way.

5. Contain a variety of Media Types:

To make the presentation look more effective, add some fun to it by including a variety of media types. This could include some GIFs, links, small videos, images, screen sharing, etc., and unlike the normal presentations where we have to focus on our body language, our movements and much more, in this digital world we could use a variety of new technologies while designing. Always remember to make the background designs clear, so that the message is easily readable. Use short texts to avoid any confusion and avoid using long paragraphs which will bore them.

These engaging media will eventually help in making the audience feel more focused on the presentation.

6. Avoid distractions:

Avoid distractions while giving your PPTs. Every noise is easily noticeable and audible by customers. Always check your technical settings as this affects the quality of your presentation. Check your background noise, try to maintain the attention of the audience. So it is always possible for them to hear every sound coming from your microphone. Keep an eye on it. External sounds around you may distract the audiences’ attention which is nothing but a bad impression towards them.

7. Be yourself, Don't pretend:

Always be yourself, not only in PPTs but also in real life! No matter what the ppt is all about, what’s important is to build a connection between you and your audience. Give that positive energy and maintain that flow. This will help you build connections, engage them in your ppt. And this will only be achieved by being realistic, authentic and not pretending to be like any other. Even if you may not see your audiences, but they can. When they see you should look, like you are enjoying giving your presentation, then they will enjoy it too. Let your personality show through your vibes.

Now let’s discuss some pros of virtual presentations:

  1. They are less terrifying as compared to non-virtual presentations. People who do not feel comfortable while presenting in front of people or become very nervous can easily perform well when confident. And on the other hand, audiences can keep their cameras off and still participate in meaningful ways more easily, so it’s the best thing they can get who feel nervous in front of the camera.
  1. They are easily accessible to people across geographical areas, which means you can easily address your employees from different offices or engage with a diverse audience across the world just for a webinar.
  1. They give you a very interesting opportunity to dive deeper with the chat feature to read and write comments or answer your questions that participants may not have felt comfortable asking during your presentation which will help to engage in that ppt.
  1. Features like polls, surveys, questioning and answering are easy to operate and handle during a virtual presentation, providing the opportunity for real-time feedback, reviews from your customers and your audiences.

We hope you will find these tips and ideas useful!

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