By Leaf Creations | June 1, 2021

The beginning of 2020 has been incredibly difficult for everyone, including businesses. Large and small ones have been affected. As we started to reopen our business, the focus was on safety and promoting public health. Letting our customers know that our business is taking care of keeping people safe, but also returning to some normalcy, was the main key for us.

Once again, many companies and organizations will have to reinvent themselves and get acquainted and put in place all local COVID-19 regulations to help focus on the customers’ first strategy.

1. Set Goals:

First of all, we have to be clear about setting the goals that we want. We should educate customers and employees about Covid 19 and what steps and measures could be taken first to find the best practices for reopening our businesses during COVID-19. 

We have to make it clear what clients and customers need to do and not what. We must communicate critical business information. Manage expectations around what your customers want and should expect from us when we reopen our businesses. So, we should keep in mind what we actually want and how to make the best strategic plans.

2. Reassure the customers:

The most important issue we faced during this pandemic was the loss of the ability to reassure customers. The COVID-19 was at its peak, which led to us assuring customers once more that they knew what to expect from us.COVID-19 measures should be clear and concise for customers and all of us.

According to a survey conducted by consulting firms, Panelbase and a different view, the need for information about social distancing and hygiene measures at various organizations is considered more valuable by the customer than any implemented price discounts for projects. So, we practised and started assuring the customers, making them a priority.

3. Communicate with them:

This one goes by clasping hands with the earlier COVID-19 marketing strategy. To begin, tell customers what you’re doing to stay safe, and then explain any changes you’ve made to your business.

Lots of businesses have changed their workflow or cut back on some of their products and service lines due to safety and budgetary concerns. Because our customers want to know what’s going on, we began informing them of what they need to know when they begin marketing during and after COVID-19.

4. Social Media helps alot:

Pin your safety strategies to the top of Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other platforms so they’re always accessible. Edit the platform bio updates and links to your safety plans and strategies on your social media platforms. Focus most of your social media platform output on reassuring your customers again. Overall, we can say that great platforms make it quite easy to rebuild a relationship with customers again.

5. Move everything Online :

With the lockdowns, travel restrictions and many other things due to this pandemic, we have shifted almost everything online. And some businesses have seen an increase in the number of people wanting to create and update their websites, create webinars, create social media campaigns, and many other things. Now, we can see that this is the time to increase our online presence and increase our sales and revenues. This can be achieved by investing in a good CRM, supporting your employees through ‘work from home strategies, email marketing, and hosting many informative webinars. All these ideas help to reinvest in the growth of our businesses.


The pandemic has made huge changes in our lives as well as in our businesses. There are very few clear takeaways when it comes to marketing strategies for reopening and recovering. This was the time to get creative, innovative and to knock your socks off. COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the marketing and branding sectors, but with vaccine programs now in place and lockdowns lifted, we have learned that now is the time to go into recovery mode and reopen the businesses, making customers our top priority, which is beneficial for both businesses and customers.

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