By Leaf Creations | May 24, 2021

brands mistakes
Branding Mistakes

A role of an entrepreneur is simple. For the brand’s promotions they usually think, they can easily motivate the audience and convince them to buy more and more but it’s all not easy, leading to the mistakes, which in turn changes the human behaviours, ultimately affecting the businesses.

~What influences customers all leads to human behavioral science...

brands mistakes

Despite this, entrepreneurs most commonly ignore the human psychology that how it will affect their behaviors, their thinking process.

Let’s discuss which are the most common mistakes.. made by the marketers..

Here are the 4 most common mistakes which usually entrepreneurs makes about their brands

1. 'Homer Simpsons' everywhere

brands mistakes

There is a tendency among B2B marketers appealing to the rational side i.e ‘advertising’…Most of the entrepreneurs primarily focus upon advertising the products and services, but the behaviour among the audience is not as what we think as promoting and advertising, and the pitching tendency makes the brand less credible and less appealing.

2. Not maintaining Simplicity

Marketers in most of the cases focus upon detailing about their brands, advertising about their brands as articles to make their audiences to catch the eyes but they forgot to understand the science behind human behaviour. Lets get understand this with the help of an example of ‘Steve jobs’ not less than a famous presenter of the brand ‘apple’…He used the principle of ‘one word story’ by analysing how the small stories highly affects the behavior of audiences, explaining brand stories by small messages connecting to the emotions of the people. This principle applies to the forms of communication. Making a message to its three most important points has the greatest likelihood of retention and persuasion.

3. Creative executions is must always be sensitive to the emotional environment

Many B2B marketers are trained in following the principle of 3C’s : Company, category and consumers and in many cases entrepreneurs have added a fourth element i.e ‘culture’…Racial sensitivity is a cultural and highly emotional factor which affects human behaviours. We can see this in a recent dove soap video campaign video, demonstrating  a clever execution which is adversely affecting the customers.

4. Following the crowd

This is the most common human psychology form, which is influenced easily by various people. They get affected, what the other people do. They get affected what the other people follow whether its their sale processes, their business strategy, their marketing plans etc. And this whole process automatically leads to various business’s mistakes by lakhs of entrepreneurs. So, we should avoid this kind of strategy if we really want to succeed.


brands mistakes
branding mistakes

In the end, we can say that, all successful businesses should study about the significance of good branding on human behavior and also need to make it a top priority in their business planning, which will help them to make their business grow