By Leaf Creations | July 9, 2021

Affiliate marketing has seen a recent boom in the marketing world. From beginner content creators to the industry’s pros, everyone is taking massive advantage of simply promoting another company’s product or service. And why shouldn’t they? 81% of brands use affiliate marketing as their top strategy to garner revenue and more customers.

Additionally, you will not be surprised that affiliate marketing spending reached a whopping 6.8 billion dollars in 2020. Incredible, isn’t it?

As simple as promoting a product sounds, affiliate marketing may not be everybody’s cup of tea. It involves a fair share of hard work and groundwork on the affiliate marketer’s end as he needs to study his target audience, sellers, and product creators.

While a good product or service decides the fate of an affiliate marketer, here are three more things you need to add to your strategy to nail your affiliate marketing game. Let’s go!

1. Create mind-blowing content:

This goes without saying. Everyone on the internet is consuming some kind of content every second. You, while reading this blog, are consuming content. So, the initial step for your solid affiliate strategy has to be creating excellent content.

You will need to craft content that speaks to your audience. It can be informative, transactional, or relatable. Your goal should be to catch the reader’s attention and get them closer to the solutions they are looking for. Once you’ve paved your way to that itch inside them and have successfully removed it, you’re in for an easy ride.

Pro tip: To understand the needs of your audience, better open ways of communication with them. Add a search bar to your website, so you know what they’re looking for.

Similarly, you can do a Q and A on your social platforms as a way to warm up to them and understand them better. Newsletters and regular emails are also a great way to dive deeper into your audience’s needs.

2. Know your products, inside-out:

What kind of a marketer would you be if you don’t know what you’re selling. Spoiler alert: A bad one! To stand out or be seen as a pro, you need to have a cutting edge, which can be gained through deep knowledge of your products and services.

Thorough research is your best friend while looking for vendors and sellers; make sure to do a lot of it rather than jumping onto the next “new thing.” Take your time to analyze and understand your market and consumers.

Don’t hesitate to dig for details; gather as much information as you can. Once you have a clear understanding of what you want and what you’re selling, you will be able to communicate it in a much better way to your audience.

Remember, your audience is here for the solution, and for you to sell it to them, you must understand each aspect of your product well.

The Wire Cutter is a prime example. In 2015 it made $150 million of affiliate sales. How? Because they understood their products inside out. From posting genuine reviews of affiliate products to testing vigorously, they made a special place for themselves in the consumer’s hearts. Not only did they post positive reviews, but they also outlined the flaws of the products as well.

This is an excellent tactic to let your audience know that you understand the product and are not here just to sell but build a solid connection.

3. Focus on one product at a time:

It is tempting to throw in many products from various niches and sit back and enjoy, but affiliate marketing is a tricky business. The best thing to do is to stick to one niche-related product.

If your consumers start to see you as untrustworthy and feel you’re just doing it for the money, you’ll lose them before you know it. Deepen your knowledge and expertise in one niche only and find out ways to expand in it. You can always test and improve what’s not working and shift to other niches.

David Sandy, who made his first $1000 online through organic traffic from Google, shares that it took him nine months of hopping around and trying different business ideas before he finally landed on blogging and affiliate marketing.

He finally found that blogging was something he enjoyed and also tied his strengths. Similarly, as an affiliate marketer, find something you enjoy and your strong point; that niche will bring in more profit than 50 different ones.


Now, as you frame your next strategy, make sure to take note of these points. It may not go as you planned the first time, but with continuous testing, improvements, and tracking your success, you can indeed find success. Happy marketing!

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